Parking & Storing

Parking / Storing the Gondola

The only module that requires parking/storage space is the customer-owned Gondola Pod. The other modules of the Gondola Unit after being used automatically return to the Gondola Bases for further servicing, maintenance and recharging. 

There actually two ways of parking/storing the Gondola Pods:

1) Parking the Pod in a classic parking space or in the customer garage

The Pods can occupy existing parking spaces/garages owned by individual customers – the same way they are being used for cars today.

Each Pod is equipped with a set of 6 spider-like telescopic legs (high-level concept – engineering TBD) that allow the Pod to be parked on any flat, solid surface. The legs extract once the Gondola Unit reaches the destination and allow the Frame to get to the nearest Gondola Base.

2) Hanging the Pod – on a sidewall, in a customer garage or in automated vertical garages.

Each pod is equipped with a special hinge mounted on the roof which is structurally integrated with the whole capsule and can be used for lifting the Pod up. The lifting hinge allows for hanging the Pod using a special hook/arm/crane (high-level concept – engineering TBD) device that can be mounted in the garage or on the building wall.

In case the customer does not have his own parking/storage space allocated a different scenario is available. Once the Customer arrives at the destination the Gondola Unit locates in the nearest Automated Vertical Garage. The Pod is being transported to the specialised building in which the roof hinge is being used to pick the Pod up and move it to a free storage slot. Vertical setup of the garage allows to save a lot of city space.