Gondola Design is a Vision for an organised personal transportation system meant to completely replace the currently existing portfolio of solutions. The system is going to provide better personal transportation capabilities while using the currently existing road infrastructure (including parking lots, garages & etc) and requiring only minimal investments in that space. The vision is aimed at disrupting personal transportation landscape in three major dimensions:


  • Making the transportation much cheaper – down to the true speed/energy equation
  • Making the transportation much safer by removing the majority of human-controlled vehicles and therefore eliminating the source of most accidents
  • Making the transportation faster by completely removing the classic road traffic problems


  • Vastly reducing the amount of resources – in terms of steel, aluminium, rare minerals, plastic, and many other elements – required to provide true personal/individualised transportation
  • Making the recycling and waste management processes in transportation systems a couple of magnitudes more effective
  • Removing the combustion-engine-related pollution at scale


  • Disrupting a super cost-ineffective car ownership mode by providing an option to travel in your own, personalized, trusted, comfortable space at a fraction of price of the regular solution
  • Drastically decreasing the insurance costs
  • Drastically decreasing
    mechanical maintenance cost
  • Providing the enormous, organised volume of storage for the green energy

The system is modular – allowing for non-stop, iterative, parallel innovation in each individual module space – powered by regular market-driven competition.

The system is open – everyone will have free access to the basic specification sheets – allowing a variety of different vendors – that were previously not necessarily related to the automotive/transport industry – to enter the personal transportation market.

The system is easily extendible – allowing to re-use of the same basic set of rules and modules for improving the railroad and aviation-based means of transportation.