The primary objective of this project is to stimulate creative thinking in the context of personal transportation systems. Hopefully, concepts like this can inspire further discussions and ideas that will challenge the status quo that we have today.

Most of the innovation and progress in the context of personal transportation happens only on the internal elements of the deeply flawed system that we are running on this planet. There are multiple good reasons (economical, political) that are limiting open thinking in this area. No reason to dive into those on these pages.

In order to escape from this trap that we created ourselves, we need to redefine the limits that are governing personal transportation today. We need radical innovation that is able to provide a similar level of services while using a fraction of the resources that we invest in sustaining a current portfolio of solutions. At the same time, these ideas have to be smart and sustainable – reusing as much as we can from the system that we already built.

The long-term ambition for Gondola Design Vision is to become an open-source platform for aligning, developing and certifying common standards for a new generation of transportation systems.

In order to build something like this in a smart way in (and even remotely distant future) – the industry will need to come up with a global portfolio of agreed solutions – interfaces that will be functioning properly on every level: mechanical engineering, software engineering, processes and governance.

These common standards and interfaces will allow for building a healthy, open market for developing individual modules of the entire solution. Modularity and iterative thinking that is a very core of such concepts will also enable rapid innovation at scale – so each generation of every element can make the system even more sustainable.

This Design Vision is a high-level attempt to lay some groundwork for creating a system governed by smarter, more sustainable rules. I am pretty sure that the system described on these pages is simply not implementable in a similar shape or form that I ideated it. But if a bunch of smart people decide to look into the ideas outlined in the vision – we may create a way to develop something beautiful.

Are you interested in joining me in creating/promoting/preaching/developing a system like this?

Are you representing an institution/company/fund/venture capital/consortium that would be interested in joining a coalition focused on building such a system?

Drop me an e-mail at:

At this point, all the information on this website is licensed under BY-NC-ND Creative Commons License 4.0 to protect the project in the early stages of development. The long-term intention – once the whole project gets some traction and moves into the development phase – is to release everything under CC-BY – so everyone can instantly start building their own implementations based on the standards agreed upon here.