The Vision

So what are the actual benefits of owning a car – what are the basic reasons and needs that make us so addicted to the concept of owning one? I guess that on a super high level, you can summarize this phenomenon in three points:

  1. Sense of freedom and control – everyone that is owning a car will tell you having it gives this unique sense of being in control of where and when they can move/transport themselves.  Additionally being able to drive the car gives you a feeling of freedom to choose the path, direction and pace of the movement. (even if it is in 90% of the case false because of natural economic and infrastructure limitations) 
  2. Sense of owning a personalized transportation space – owning a car means also having a safe, personalized space. A room that is decorated in a way you like, smells the way you like, allows you to listen to the music that you prefer and is isolated from all the outside conditions to protect you from rain, germs, heat, cold, dust, noise and many more. 
  3. Sense of fun – driving a car is an awesome feeling. Once you master the wheel, pedals, gearbox and all the side controls and they become an extension of your mind – driving a big, fast, powerful machine is an incredibly rewarding feeling. It is a super-entertaining game that you get to play in real-world conditions. 

What if we can provide a system that will allow everyone to still keep the first two while drastically reducing the amounts of resources and energy required to make it happen? What if we can achieve that goal at a fraction of a current retail price while keeping the required investments at a really low level and re-using the existing road infrastructure?

What if we say that excitement and fun are supposed to be delivered in some different, less resource demanding and safer ways? What if we say that we can preserve that fun for the people that really enjoy it by drastically reducing the number of unnecessary vehicles that are used in a sub-optimal manner?

What if you could just own the elements that make your transportation system safe and personal? The ones that are related to the interior of your vehicle and do not require a lot of initial investment and further maintenance.

What if the rest of the system would be owned, maintained and operated by someone else? Someone that would make sure that these elements are used in the most effective way – that the resources and energy are invested in the optimal manner. That every piece of equipment gets recycled and re-used? That every piece of technology is being repaired, replaced and updated on an ongoing basis?

What if personalized transportation to anywhere could be available instantly with your mobile and the only thing that you would need to pay for is the amount of energy that is required to move you from point A to B in the given time

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