Socio/Economic Impact

Let’s just dream together for a minute or two and imagine a future world where personal transportation would just work better. For the purpose of this page, we will refer to the Gondola Unit and its modules as a “car” – it enables simpler comparison.

Individual benefits:

  • Buying yourself a “car” would be 70% cheaper than it is today.
  • You would never have to care about re-fuelling or re-charging your “car”
  • Your “car” would always be ready to get you anywhere you want in 5 minutes.
  • You would never need to repair your “car”.
  • You would not need to insure your “car”.
  • Your “car” will always stay as modern as possible – its engine, chassis, batteries, software, and safety features will be constantly upgraded as new technologies are developed.
  • The only reason for buying a new “car” would be to pack more seats, more space or change the looks of the “car”.
  • The total cost of each of your journeys will only depend on how much energy will get used in moving you to your destination.

Society-level benefits:

  • Every element of your “car” would be fully re-cyclable – not a single piece ending up in a junkyard.
  • There would be plenty of space around the buildings because not even 50% of parking spaces would be ever used.
  • There would be no traffic jams.
  • People with disabilities or elders can get from their doorstep to the desired location completely free of charge.
  • Urgent transportation requests (in need of immediate medical attention) get prioritised above the others and people are getting help in a matter of minutes.

Business-level benefits:

  • The car would be composed of modules that are following common standards.
  • Each car company would produce the elements of a car that are compatible with each other.
  • Many new companies would enter the car-making industry and specialize in developing and delivering high-quality modules.
  • Your car’s interior and exterior would be much more customizable than ever.
  • The brands that you love for making your favourite products could offer you also the car experience on the level that you are used to.