How about flying?

Roads + Railroads + Ferries + Air Transportation + Hyperloop

Each Gondola Pod comes with two types of mounting systems:

Primary – bottom one – allowing to mount the Pod on the Frame.
Secondary – top one – allowing to hang the Pod on the different types of racks.

These two mounts allow Gondola Pods to be transported using Frames but in fact, they can be also mounted on other existing transportation systems: 

  • trains/railways/ferries – existing today in some countries (CH) – to implement even more effective use of energy in a long-distance transportation. Pods are much lighter than today’s cars – it is really easy to stack them one after another on train platforms and integrate railroads into the Gondola Mesh system.
  • omnicopter/drone-like flying Frames – to enable super-quick transportation over short distances. Gondola Pod can be picked up using the roof hinge and moved directly to the location.
  • Hyperloop / Tunnel transportation – loading Gondola Pods onto a specialized tube train – making this whole transportation concept simpler, more modular and scalable.

Each of these systems requires a different amount of energy to deliver a load from point A to B. Once they get integrated into Gondola Mesh the user will have an option to choose how much energy is he willing to spend in order to get to the destination.

Scenario 1 – user needs to get to a location that is up to 50 km away from his location in a very short time. He is willing to prioritize the journey and spend more funds just to get there on time. In such case, he will select the Air Transportation mode and his Gondola Pod will get picked up by an Omnicopter Frame.

Scenario 2 – user and his family need to get to a lake cottage 360 km away from their home – they are planning family holidays. The user is not in a hurry and prioritizes low cost of transportation over quick arrival time. The Frame picks up his Pod and transports it to the nearest train station when it gets loaded on tracks. For the next 200 km, the Pod is being moved on tracks. Once the train arrives at the station closest to the final destination another frame picks up the Pod and delivers it directly to the cottage.

Scenario 3 – a team of six business associates needs to travel to the other side of the continent – around 1600km – for a business meeting the next day. The team would like to get there relatively fast but is not willing to spend money on the flights – choosing to travel by Gondola instead. The plan is to use the time spent in travel for a work meeting. The comfortable corpo-class 6-person Pod is just perfect fur such a purpose. The Frame picks up the Pod and takes it to the nearest Hyperloop station. The Pod is transported to the location nearest to the final destination via the Hyperloop tunnel and then picked up by another Frame and delivered to the final location.