Gondola Unit Variants

Variants for Personal Transportation

Gondola Pods would be available in 3 basic variants meant to support the different personal transportation setups. All of those variants fit in the same Gondola Frame.

Variant A – up to two seats – for transporting one or two people with minimal aerodynamic drag and minimizing the amount of energy required for transportation.

Variant B – up to four seats (or two couches, or one bed…) – for transporting a family of four or a smaller number of people in comfortable conditions.

Variant C – up to six seats – for transporting a family of six or a group of friends together.

The size of the pre-owned Pod is not however limiting the number of people that can take the journey together. If a larger group (9, 13, 17, 45…) needs to travel between the same two locations this can be still arranged by a single order. The Gondola Mesh will form a small fleet of Gondola Units – combining the user-owned Pods and Public Pods – and move the whole crew to the desired destination.

Variants for other purposes.

The Gondola Frame concept can be also scaled-up to cover use cases that are not related to personal transportation. The larger frames – Variant D – supported by six or eight Gondola Engines and an additional number of batteries could be easily used for supporting Pods of greater capacity and different functionality – replacing mid-size cargo cars – transportation vans, and small buses.

Reinforcing the larger frames and introducing a separate line of stronger engines (hi-power, stronger suspension, wider tyres) would also enable automated transportation of classic shipping containers within the same Gondola system – addressing complexities of cargo/logistics systems at scale.

The modularity of this Vision enables so many possible scenarios.