Ownership Model

The Gondola Pod Ownership

Only the Gondola Pod can be commercially owned – by an individual, household, group of individuals or institution. The Pod also happens to be the cheapest module of the whole Unit. The Pod can be arranged/painted/tuned individually for each individual consumer.

The Pod design can be super-simple (pure steel and plastic) but can be also gold-plated with wooden interior elements. There are three factors that have to be taken into account when building a Pod:

  • It has to follow the Gondola Pod specifications – to be compatible with any Gondola Frame and be combined to a Gondola Unit
  • The heavier it gets the more energy it costs to move it and the more expensive the journey gets
  • The more aerodynamic drag it creates the more energy it costs to move it and the more expensive the journey gets

Obviously, the lighter and more aerodynamic Pods will be cheaper to drive than the heavier ones. The better the Pod weight / Carried Pers ratio gets – the cheaper the overall ride is for everyone aboard.

The Pod should be relatively simple and cheap in production. Its price – in a most basic configuration – should not extend 1/10 of today’s price of the b-class car.

The Gondola Ecosystem Ownership

In order to enable Gondola Ecosystem in a given area community needs to develop a proper infrastructure – enable 5G+ connectivity for Gondola Mesh and build a number of Gondola Bases that will cover the entire area.

The Gondola Ecosystem and the whole operations are co-owned by the local community by using the proxy of the local government/authorities. Depending on the local regulations different financing and operating models can be used – entirely public, public-private partnerships, and entirely private.

The Gondola Frames and every submodule within them are also parts of the Ecosystem. They are co-owned by the local community and managed by Gondola Mesh from the Gondola Base level.

The Public Transportation

Each Gondola installation comes with a common pool of state-owned Gondola Pods that are used as a regular shared public transportation system – replacing taxis, buses and trams.

Implementation at scale

System can only be deployed using when supported and supervised by local governments – but can be developed and operated by commercial vendors. 

Basic scaling model:

One City -> Multiple Cities -> Region -> Multiple Regions -> Country

Common social agreement is required to make it happen – as is the transition period required for piloting and implementing the system.